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The influence of compressed carbon felt electrodes within the efficiency of a vanadium redox movement battery

Quaternized membranes bearing zwitterionic groups for vanadium redox flow battery via a environmentally friendly route

A reversible Br2/Br− redox pair within the aqueous phase for a high-overall performance catholyte for alkali-ion batteries

A synergistic outcome among layer floor configurations and K ions of potassium vanadate nanowires for Improved Strength storage functionality

Facile a single-step synthesis of Co(OH) two microsphere/graphene composites for an effective supercapacitor electrode materials

Polyvinylpyrrolidone-based mostly semi-interpenetrating polymer networks as highly selective and chemically secure membranes for all vanadium redox flow batteries

Dr. John P. Lemmon is actually a Main Scientist at PNNL, wherever He's main the endeavours to develop Sophisticated components and sound state electrochemical Vitality storage technologies. His research passions include things like being familiar with demand transfer and storage mechanisms related to fundamental phase and micro and nanostructural Qualities for purposes in solar, sensors, and electrical energy storage supplies.

Impression on the atomic layer deposition precursors diffusion on social media marketing benefits reliable-point out carbon nanotube dependent supercapacitors performances

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In situ X-ray diffraction characterization of NbS2 nanosheets because the anode material for sodium ion batteries

Lithium ion battery chemistries from renewable Power storage to automotive and back-up energy applications — An summary

High-yield synthesis of carbon nanotube–porous nickel oxide nanosheet hybrid and its electrochemical capacitance functionality

Bimodal highly purchased mesostructure carbon with high exercise for Br2/Br− redox few in bromine based batteries

The significance of strong electrolyte interphase development for lengthy cycle stability comprehensive-cell Na-ion batteries

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